by Vlad Pirogov

Product Description
Showing database programmers how to take advantage of the features of SQL Server 2005, this guide covers the use of .NET technology, TRY/CATCH construction in the Transact SQL programming language, new triggers, SQL Server Management Studio, and Business Intelligence Development Studio. Programming questions from both the server and the client side are addressed—such as the technologies for client access to SQL Server 2005 and basic access to ODBC data sources—and overviews of configuring, programming, ODBC API, and DAO technology are included. Using the ADO and ADO.NET technologies, integrating SQL Server 2005 into the Internet, and generating HTML pages and XML requests is considered; and an accompanying CD-ROM contains ready-to-use SQL Server 2005 code samples and listings from the book.

About the Author
Vlad Pirogov is a database developer of client/server applications and an expert in programming performance-effective applications for Windows with Assembly. He is the author of The Assembly Programming Master Book.



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