by Michael Gook

Product Description
Focusing on the latest research on hardware interfaces used in modern information technology, this reference covers universal external interfaces, peripheral device interfaces, external memory interfaces, expansion buses, wireless interfaces, network interfaces, and auxiliary serial interfaces. Specific technologies covered include LPT, COM, USB, FireWire, SCSI, mouse, monitor, printer, audio and video interfaces, Serial ATA and flash cards, ISA, PCI, EISA, PC/104, AGP, LPC, PCMCIA, CardBus, Bluetooth, SPI, MII, SMI, JTAG, and Ethernet. Also included is information on signal line definitions and signal arrangement on I/O connectors, time diagrams, adapters (ATA and NIC), controllers (DMA, PCI IDE, and FDC AT), interrupts, and multifunction cards.

About the Author
Michael Gook is a robotics and cybernetics hardware and related software developer.



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