by Michael Flenov

Product Description
Covering new technologies used to search for vulnerabilities on websites from a hacker's point of view, this book on Web security and optimization provides illustrated, practical examples such as attacks on click counters, flooding, forged parameters passed to the server, password attacks, and DoS and DDoS attacks. Including an investigation of the most secure and reliable solutions to Web security and optimization, this book considers the many utilities used by hackers, explains how to write secure applications, and offers numerous interesting algorithms for developers. The CD included contains programs intended for testing sites for vulnerabilities as well as useful utilities for Web security.


About the Author
Michael Flenov is the author of Hackish C++ Games & Demos, Hackish C++ Pranks & Tricks, Hackish PC Pranks & Cracks, and Hackish PHP Pranks & Tricks.

I also translated all the listed books with the exception of the "Hackish C++ Pranks and Tricks" book.

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